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My Husband's Favorites / Father's Day Ideas

Hi everyone! This is Leslie writing the introduction, but my husband is actually the one who put together his favorites list and typed up the description/commentary. I will include links throughout the post. He's not a fan of being photographed, so I'll spare him, but for reference he's 47 years old, 5 foot 9.5" tall. 😅 The only time I do force him to take a photo is on our anniversary which is coming up in a few days! 💜 Here are his favorite things in no particular order- Aviator Nation Hoodie (Size up, these run small.) Aviator Nation Hoodie   As someone that wears hoodies all year round, these have become my new favorite because of their relaxed feel and the jersey-esque feel of the fabric. Prior to Aviator Nation, I mainly wore hoodies from AllSaints. I will say that AllSaints hoodies are better when it comes to needing to have a hoodie that’s a little more dressed up looking, but for anything causal, Aviator Nation wins. Tree Dasher Trino Quarter Allbirds  Tree