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Fit Review! Rothy's Kids Loafer Metallic Lattice Stitch

Happy Friday! How is everyone feeling so far? I'm a little sad the the holiday season is coming to an end. I know after this weekend it will be back to business as usual. Does anyone have any New Year resolutions? I've been thinking about them for quite a bit and will be discussing mine in the next post. For today I have a review of Rothy's kids loafers in their holiday metallic lattice stitch which is unfortunately sold out already. I was lucky enough to snag a pair. I have really small feet and can fit into kids shoes. Rothy's women's loafer is actually too big even in the smallest size. The kids version fits me perfectly. For reference I wear a size 5 in Rothy's The Point . I fit a size 4 in  Rothy's Kids Loafer . I also wear a size 5.5 in Allbirds Women's Tree Breezers .  Rothy's Kids Loafer  Size 4 Right out of the box, the metallic lattice stitch is mesmerizing. They are really quite stunning in person. They

Fit Review! Birdies The Starling Latte Suede

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The Short Sweet and Sherpa Jacket arrived. I ordered both XXS and XS to try. The XXS was TOO short. Even on me and I have a fairly short torso. The XS fit better in terms of length and body, but the arms were way too poofy. I hope to have photos up soon to show both sizes. Since neither size is perfect, I'll be returning both. I don't think the full price is worth it, but if I see it on WMTM I might spring for the XS. I did like how warm and cozy it is and it is reversible. I actually liked how both sides looked. It's like two jackets in one. That said it's been super rainy and gloomy which is why I am unable to take photos today. That is why we have a review of Birdies in The Starling instead. I am always a sucker for nice packaging and right off the bat, the box these shoes came in definitely caught my attention. These are not the kind of shoe boxes I would want to throw away. They're just too pretty. Thes