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Fit Review! Rothy's Kids Loafer Metallic Lattice Stitch

Happy Friday! How is everyone feeling so far? I'm a little sad the the holiday season is coming to an end. I know after this weekend it will be back to business as usual. Does anyone have any New Year resolutions? I've been thinking about them for quite a bit and will be discussing mine in the next post.

For today I have a review of Rothy's kids loafers in their holiday metallic lattice stitch which is unfortunately sold out already. I was lucky enough to snag a pair.

I have really small feet and can fit into kids shoes. Rothy's women's loafer is actually too big even in the smallest size. The kids version fits me perfectly.

For reference I wear a size 5 in Rothy's The Point. I fit a size 4 in Rothy's Kids Loafer. I also wear a size 5.5 in Allbirds Women's Tree Breezers

Right out of the box, the metallic lattice stitch is mesmerizing. They are really quite stunning in person. They look mostly metallic black/navy but depending on the angle and the light, you can see yellow peeking through the stitching. They shimmer as you move them. I don't think I've really seen anything like that before in footwear.

Close up

The inside is lined in a bright fluorescent yellow.

The cut of the kids loafer compared to the women's loafer isn't quite as stylish but the difference in price is huge. $65 vs $165. It's a no brainer. The comfort is still there. I do notice the ankle area is a little loose, but my heel does not slip when I walk, so I can't really complain. I do wish it was a little more fitted in the heel. That said, I do have very boney feet. 

I'm very happy to add this pair to my Rothy's collection. This is my 4th pair. I plan on wearing these a lot once the weather warms up a little and I plan on wearing them with my On The Fly Crops. I think that would work for the office. These loafers will give my sometimes conservative outfits a nice little pop of color. I can't wait for spring! 

That's it for me. Have a fabulous weekend! 



  1. They look so comfy I need to try these on.:) thanks for the reviews


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