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Werkshop! New Vintage Crop and Joggers

Just wanted to share a few photos of my Werkshop loot.  I know I've posted about Werkshop a lot, but I just love there colorful and playful designs.  It really brings me happiness every time I wear one of their pieces and my latest purchase really brings a smile to my face.  I can't wait to wear these out!  When I purchase Werkshop, I try to imagine myself wearing them out casually as well as to the gym.  If I can't see myself doing both, I back off from purchasing. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms and a size small in Werkshop. Vintage Crop Size Small Ever since Werkshop released their Romance collection I decided Vintage was my favorite of the three offerings.   Juliet is also high on my list.  The entire collection is available in crop and full length.  I decided to go with the crop length.  As of right now I have about 5 pairs of crops and 3 pairs of full length leggings from Werkshop.  I definitely find myself reachi

Fit Review! Werkshop Joggers

When I saw Werkshop was releasing Joggers I knew I wanted to try a pair.  Personally I wear comfy clothes around the house and sometimes I will even wear my Align Crops to lounge in.  I also have a couple of pairs of sweatpants from Victoria's Secret that I love. I debated between sizes XS and small for a while.  My initial gut said XS but then when Werkshop commented on Instagram that most people who wear size XS would most likely prefer the small, made me second guess myself.  So I ordered both to see. What do you know, the XS fits! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and wear a size small in Werkshop leggings and a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. Joggers Black Size XS First thing I want to point out is the waist band.  It is super stretchy and nothing like their leggings.  These also sit below the waist and are supposed to hug your hips.  I'm pulling them up a bit because otherwise they give me diaper butt.   The fabric is smooth on the outside and o

Eagle Rock Werkshop Limited Edition Joggers

Werkshop just released some new limited edition joggers on their website.  I ordered size XS and Small to try in black and charcoal.  These are brushed on the inside and smooth on the outside.  I'm super curious about these as they are unisex.  You can check them out here .  I hope to have a review up soon! And if you're new to werkshop you can receive $10 off your first order with my referral link .