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Fit Review! Werkshop Joggers

When I saw Werkshop was releasing Joggers I knew I wanted to try a pair.  Personally I wear comfy clothes around the house and sometimes I will even wear my Align Crops to lounge in.  I also have a couple of pairs of sweatpants from Victoria's Secret that I love.

I debated between sizes XS and small for a while.  My initial gut said XS but then when Werkshop commented on Instagram that most people who wear size XS would most likely prefer the small, made me second guess myself.  So I ordered both to see.

What do you know, the XS fits!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and wear a size small in Werkshop leggings and a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

First thing I want to point out is the waist band.  It is super stretchy and nothing like their leggings.  These also sit below the waist and are supposed to hug your hips.  I'm pulling them up a bit because otherwise they give me diaper butt.  

The fabric is smooth on the outside and on the inside they feel brushed.  Werkshop pointed out that the smooth outside prevents pet hair from clinging to it.  Always a plus if you have fur babies.  I also love that these come with pockets.  

One of the things I was worried about was the elastic around the calf.  I have super skinny calves and most of the time joggers are always too loose around my calves and they just fall down instead of hugging it.  I have that problem with my In Flux Crops.  I may have to sell those in place of these.  The elastic on these joggers is amazing.  They are actually tight around my skinny calves!  This is amazing!

One other thing about the waist band, I actually prefer rolling them down.  This way they sit lower and also pull the crotch up a bit to prevent the diaper butt I mentioned earlier.  I actually like wearing it this way a lot.  Tell you the truth, I haven't taken these off since I got them yesterday.  

Length wise, the joggers are a little bit too long for me in the legs which is why you can see some bunching up of the fabric around my knee.  It's not a deal breaker since I'm mainly going to be wearing these around the house as lounge wear.  I also want to point out the little eagle logo is reflective.  I love little details like that.  

Werkshop also notes that these aren't made for workouts.  I have to agree.  The most I would use these for is maybe doing errands and some casual walking.  

Here is a back shot.  Note that the waist is rolled down.  Otherwise, the butt looks saggy on me.  This way it's more flattering and pulls up some of the extra fabric on the pant legs.  If I wore this normally, the seat would be very deep.  Almost like MC Hammer pants.  Anyone remember those?  LOL.

I'm exaggerating of course, but you get the idea!

Overall I'm very pleased with these.  The price point is $84 a pair, which is steep but right now they are having a 20% off coupon which makes these $67.  The coupon expires Monday.  I think I do want to get another pair but can't seem to decide on a print.  Which one of these is your favorite print?  I'm leaning towards butterflies and maybe the camo.  

Werkshop 20% Code- THANX20 expires Monday at midnight.

If you're new to Werkshop, you can receive $10 off your first purchase with my referral link.


  1. You convinced me to take advantage of the werkshop sale. Debated among black, butterfly, and camo and decided on the camo in XS. I am a typical 2 or 4 in Lulu bottoms.

    By the way, just found your blog and played catch up yesterday. Your down to earth attitude is refreshing. Your fit reviews are so helpful since I am a fellow addict who is about one hour and a half from the closest LLL store. I will be visiting your site often :). Thanks!

    1. Hi there! Glad my website can be of help. That makes me super happy to hear. =) I live within 5 minutes from a LLL store so I'm there quite often.

      I'm glad you took the plunge into Werkshop! Let me know what you think when you get them.

  2. Love them 😊 I would get the butterfly ones 😉


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