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Boston / Newport Trip!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's a recap of my trip to Boston. Here's a little background story- before I got married, I lived in New York and my husband lived in Boston. So for three years we did the long distance thing. Every other week one of us would travel to see the other. After we got married I quit my job in New York and moved to Boston so we could be together. We came to the conclusion that a 600 square foot apartment for two adults and one cat was a bit cramped to say the least. I really didn't have anywhere to put my stuff. My husband reeeeeally misses Boston for a whole bunch of reasons, but housing affordability is not one of them.  Boston is super walkable and beautiful. One of our favorite things was to walk from his apartment to our favorite restaurants. We would do it during the fall/spring weather and cool summer nights. Lots of memories just walking hand in hand for hours. Like I said, while in Boston we walked about 9 miles a day

Boston Store Visit! WMTM Update

Happy Friday! Autumn is finally here, except Atlanta still thinks it is summer. We have 90 plus temperatures for the next seven days. 😳 With WMTM on steroids this week and Rakuten cash back at 15% - you know I placed an order. I managed to finally snag the blue in Calm & Collected Wrap on mark down. I'm happy I waited that one out! The store visit in Boston was uneventful since I didn't try anything on (too sweaty). I did however snap a few photos.  Always On Hi-Rise Flocked Everlux (the blue was pretty and the flocked detail is much more apparent in real life.) On Repeat Dress (Looks lovely in person. Very luxe in the dark gray.)  Vinyasa Scarf French Terry (Did not think this was very soft at all, easy pass.) Retreat Yourself Crop (This wasn't as soft as I thought it would be, but I am still interested in trying it. Length wise I think it would be above the ankles for petites.) While I wait for my Lululemon order to arri