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Fit Review Friday! Harmony Hoodie, What The Sport Tee, Popflex Pop Short 2.0 Mermaid

Happy Friday everyone!  And for those in the states I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.  It's always the start of barbecues, beaches and summer fun. While I was in NOLA I managed to go to a Lululemon store!  There was one in walking distance in a small mall.  It was also the first time I saw the Harmony Hoodie in person.  I'm normally a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies, but for this one I needed a size 4.  I found that it is really fitted around the hip area. Harmony Hoodie in Heathered Light Gray Size 4 The fabric is super soft, slightly stretchy.  But I really couldn't get over how soft it felt.  It's a light weight hoodie, probably meant for mid 60 degree weather or at least super cold air conditioning temperatures in the summer.   The back did have a vent, which I like.  It's only gaping open because I have my arms up taking a photo, with my arms down it doesn't gape like that.  It lays flat. Unzipped it looks cute and casual