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Road Trip!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm traveling again this weekend. We are heading to Charlotte, North Carolina to watch a soccer game between Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund. I honestly don't know much about soccer, but last year we went to see Atlanta United play and had such a great time that we want to do it again! I'll be spending one day each in Charlotte and Greenville.  Are there any readers out there who are familiar with either place? Is there anything you would recommend seeing or doing? We're open to restaurants or anything that's fun! We really miss how walkable New York City and Boston are and don't get to do that much in Atlanta. Hoping we can get in a lot of steps this weekend. I apologize for not having a lot of reviews lately, but I promise I have some coming up soon! Have a great weekend!

Weekend in New York

I'm back from my weekend getaway to New York. I'll never forget the surprised look on my grandma's face. My sister and brother were in on it, but no one else was. My husband and I arrived at the airport around 11 am and my brother came to pick us up. I was texting my sister and told her we were close to the house. She used the Drop In feature on Amazon Echo to connect with my grandma. She was chatting with my grandma as I walked in the house. My grandma was so engrossed with my sister that she didn't even notice me standing right next to her. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. She turned her head and looked up and her eyes got huge and her smile just got wider and wider and she said, "aiya aiya aiya!" It was too freakin cute. My sister managed to take a blurry photo from her screen. I wish it was more clear, but you can see how happy she is there.  First stop was dim sum! My parents took us to this awesome place called New Lake Pavilion. It