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Weekend in New York

I'm back from my weekend getaway to New York. I'll never forget the surprised look on my grandma's face. My sister and brother were in on it, but no one else was. My husband and I arrived at the airport around 11 am and my brother came to pick us up. I was texting my sister and told her we were close to the house. She used the Drop In feature on Amazon Echo to connect with my grandma. She was chatting with my grandma as I walked in the house. My grandma was so engrossed with my sister that she didn't even notice me standing right next to her. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. She turned her head and looked up and her eyes got huge and her smile just got wider and wider and she said, "aiya aiya aiya!" It was too freakin cute. My sister managed to take a blurry photo from her screen. I wish it was more clear, but you can see how happy she is there. 

First stop was dim sum! My parents took us to this awesome place called New Lake Pavilion. It was some of the best dim sum I have ever had. It's located near Flushing. It's a lot closer to where my parents live. I think it's even better than Jing Fong. My husband kept saying it's so unfair that we can't get dim sum as good as this in Atlanta. 

That night my sister got us box seats to see Radiohead at Madison Square Garden. I LOVE Radiohead. It's one of my favorite bands. The set list was amazing and Thom York's energy is contagious. This is a shot of all the people holding up their phones with the flashlight on as we waited for an encore. 

Before the show we stopped by Dominque Ansel's Bakery for a Blueberry Cronut. If you haven't had a Cronut, you need to try it just once. Each month he produces a different flavor and apparently he never repeats the flavor ever again. Smart! They are very sweet though. Sometimes too sweet for me.

Throughout the weekend, I checked the kitty cam and we were actually very worried about Flash at one point. We didn't see him for a long time because he was hiding underneath the chair. I think he missed us the most. We had a friend stop by twice to check in on them. All of them were fine. I'm sure they're happy we're back! I missed them so much.

That's it for me! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and here's to another Monday. Back to the grind! 


  1. That smile is worth a million bucks! I’m sure your grandma was thrilled to see you.

    How did your furry kids react when you came home?


    1. Flash was like yay you're back! *Snuggles*
      Ash was kinda indifferent.
      Simi was like good, now feed me my wet food already.
      Nero was the same as usual and he's used to being left alone for a weekend here and there.


    2. That’s so funny! Don’t you love that they all have a different personality? My Westie would be like “Okay you’re finally home. Now I’m going to go through your baggage cos I’m sure there’s something for me.”


  2. Great post! Sounds like a really fun weekend!!!

  3. Awww, what a lovely surprise! I am jealous of your dim sum!


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