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Weekend Trip to New York for my Grandma's 100th Birthday

  I surprised my Grandma this weekend and flew to New York to celebrate her 100th birthday! I'll resume regular posting on Tuesday for the Lululemon drop. Although,  Athelta's new arrivals has me way more excited these days. I arrived at Laguardia Airport late Friday night. It was empty! I had my brother pick me up from the airport and when I walked in my mom started screaming and my grandma was so surprised and happy to see me! So much, that she forgot to take her pills and then she told me the next morning she was so exited she couldn't fall asleep.  My Grandma with her great-grandson and great-grand daughter. My sister just had surgery on her gums and couldn't eat anything that was hard, so she ordered Wagyu beef. I tried a piece! Practically melts in your mouth. My parents ordered take out from one of their favorite restaurants in Flushing and also cooked a couple of dishes as well. Like this fish dish.  Chilean Sea Bass - it's so good. Went to a grocery store