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Upload! June 10th 2018

This is going to be a short post. My husband and I went to see Erasure tonight at the Tabernacle theatre. It was our first time at this venue and did not know how small the seats were going to be! I'm not even 5 feet tall and I had no leg room so you can imagine how uncomfortable it was for my husband! Other than that, the show was a lot of fun. They did a bunch of hits from the 80s and 90s and started the show with Oh L'Amour . We got home pretty late so I'm only going to post the things I'm interested in tonight's upload. I may put in a small order. I have to go to sleep so I'll decide tomorrow! Chase Me Onsie Black Low Key Tank Heathered Ruby Red (If this ends up on WMTM I'll probably get it) Free To Be Wild Bra Mini Twine (I think this is a pretty print. I may get this) Throw Bank Pant Black (Definitely throw back to when I was in high school!) Noir Pant Black (I wish I was taller so I could pull these off. I know they

USA/ Canada Upload! August 22nd 2017

Kind of a boring upload. Nothing for me. I'm not even really tempted by anything tonight which is good since I'm still on my ban. It's almost over though. Only nine days left! Did you buy anything tonight? I hope they release more items in Dusky Lavander. It reminds me a lot of Athleta's Silver Bells. Free To Be Bra Dusky Lavender (I love this color! Wish I loved the bra!)  Raise The Barre Bra Black Align Crop Melanite Raise The Barre Tank Heathered Viola (I like this, but I do think the dip in the back is way too low.) Power Pose Tank Alpine White Ice Gray Battleship Like The Windshell Melanite Swiftly Tech LS Crew Deep Rouge   Fast As Light Singlet Heathered Deep Rouge Scuba Hoodie IV Heathered Vapor (Feel like this is a repeat color) Noir Pant Cadet Blue (Maybe all the complaining about the super contrasty pictures resulted in them trying a darker gray background? It's definitely an improvement!)