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Fit Review! Aviator Nation Hunger Games Relaxed Pullover Hoodie & Zadig & Voltaire Markus Stars Cashmere Sweater

Did you all see the sneak peak to Lululemon's Lunar New Year drop on reddit ? I'm actually a little disappointed. I am hoping there are more items with dragons on it. My sister is a dragon and I want to get her something from this collection. There's also a short video of Michelle Yeoh featured with other dancers promoting the collection. As a huge fan of Michelle Yeoh, I actually really love this partnership. It's very well done.  While we wait for the LNY drop (which is likely happening this Tuesday, I wanted to share a new brand I discovered over the holidays, Zadig & Volraire. I never heard of this brand before but the Markus Stars sweater really caught my eye and it reminds me of Coraline's star sweater that I love so much. So yeah, I had to get it! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear size 4 in Lululemon tops and size PXS in Athleta.  Zadig & Voltaire Markus Stars Cashmere Sweater Vert de Gris Size XS The  Markus Stars Cashm