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Review! Werkshop Galaxy Leggings by Ghost & Stars!!

Thanks to AgentAthletica's post  I ordered these amazing leggings.  Seeing she purchased a size XS, I decided to go up a size.  I don't like my pants to fit too tight especially in the waist area so I went with the size small.  For reference I'm normally a size 4 in Lululemon WU and High Times Pants.  Thankfully these are not loose in the calf area which was what I was worried about.  They fit surprisingly well, not too loose not too tight, so I'm a very happy girl.  I already wore these out casually with my new Scuba Hoodie.  Is it a little too much pattern?  Maybe.  But totally fun! You can purchase the Galaxy Leggings  here .  They are $88 but made in the USA!  The material is on the thin side, so walking around 40 something degree weather in Boston was a bit chilly but if you walk at a good clip, it isn't bad.  Next time I'll wear them with boots. And if these don't rock your boat, they have plenty of other unique leggings for you