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Upload!! for October 27, 2015

Ok so I'm a little confused with today's upload.  Is it just me or was it super lame?  A lot of it seemed to be the same items uploaded last week.  The only thing I really wanted to see for the US was the Define Space Dye in Camo that the UK got.  This is just amazing.  Although it's more of a spring color, but I don't care, I want it!  It's so pretty!  I'm hoping the US gets it soon. Define Space Dye Camo The only thing the US got that's of interest to me this week is the new CRB in bon bon.  I'm tempted to order this to try. Cool Racerback Rulu in wee stripe Bon Bon The Drop It Like It's Hot Tank looks interesting but I'm unsure if I would ever really use it for the fall/winter season.  I will wait until I make it to the store to try it on, it's not a must have on my list.   Drop It Like It's Hot Tank Bordeaux Drama The only other item worth noting is the new Velour Vinyasa Scarf.  I'm fairly new