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Lululemon Upload! December 5th 2017

I love anything rose gold and these Phantom shoes caught my eye, but I don't know about the $185 price tag. Nothing for me this week! I see they brought back the Radiant jacket. I bought one from a couple of years ago and ended up selling it because the pockets are way too shallow to hold any phone. My iPhone fell out of it a few times too many, and decided from then on that all outwear must have deep enough pockets to hold a phone. From the pictures it still looks like a shallow pocket to me which is a shame because I really liked the jacket otherwise! Anything for you? Techloom Phantom Shoe Rose Gold Cool Racerback Sequoia Camo Print Swiftly Tech Racerback Desert Teal Sculpt Tank Sequoia Camo Print Short Sleeve Swiftly Jet Stream Rest Less Hoodie Blazer Blue Emerald Long Sleeve Blue Denim Scuba Hoodie Sequoia Camo Print Rain Haven Jacket Dark Shadow Sleek Essentials Jacket Boysenberry Radiant Jacket Black Cherry Wunde