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Review! DeMellier The Mini Los Angeles

Is it Friday already?? Three more days until I head back home. I miss my furbabies! I'm always worried that they will forget about me. I FaceTimed them tonight and they couldn't care less. Although apparently my voice sounds different over the speakers, so maybe that's why? I'm also trying not to think about how many hundreds (maybe thousand?) of emails I'll have waiting for me at work. 😖  Apologies for not having a normal Fit Review Friday! I do have a ton of stuff waiting in Atlanta to photograph. I should have a decent review up next Friday. Today I have a review of DeMellier Mini Los Angeles bag in the gorgeous teal color, which is unfortunately sold out now. I saw a few celebs carrying this bag and it piqued my interest. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall.  Irina Shayk carrying the Mini Los Angeles in black. DeMellier The Mini Los Angeles This mini bag is super cute and the size is definitely small. It can fit about as much as my Everywhere Belt Bag