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My New York City Trip and My Grandma's 100th/101st birthday!

  I wanted to share my New York trip from last month. It was the first time I went back for Lunar New Year in a long time, and it was also my birthday weekend, so we ended up celebrating both at the same time.  My mom tends to make some of the food at home, and the rest of the dishes comes from a restaurant. I really like the soup which has some fish and crab meat. Steamed lobster is always a favorite. My sister really likes the clam dish. There's a jellyfish dish that my brother loves. I really like the fish and tofu dish. The mushroom and abalone dish are not my favorite but I'll eat it in small pieces.  Family picture time!  This is my favorite cake ever. It's Lady M's Chocolate Mille Crêpe  cake. It's so good. My sister got it for me! They do ship if anyone wants to try it. Right now they are offering free standard shipping until April 10th! I'm tempted to order one. 😍 My grandma gave me the prettiest red envelope this year! Red envelopes have come a long w

Recap of My New York Trip!

Happy Friday! I'm back from my NYC trip. The 10 days went by fast but I am so happy to be home. I just ate way too much food. So much of it was meat and I'm not used to eating so much of it on a daily basis. My parents like to have chicken, fish, pork, beef all in one sitting communal style. Will gladly go vegetarian for a few weeks!  This post is a recap of my vacation. Hope you enjoy the photos!  This is my BFF Andrea. We've known each other since we were 12 years old. It's rare to have such a long lasting friendship but those are the best kind. We went to Gatsby's Landing for dinner in Manhasset.  Roasted Duck Breast Grilled Lamb Chops  The next day I went to the Harry Potter store with a couple of my friends. Last year when I went to visit, the Harry Potter store had just opened and the lines were ridiculously long. I promised the next time I went back I would make the trip. So glad I did because the frenzy is now over and there was no line at all to get in. I g