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Recap of My New York Trip!

Happy Friday! I'm back from my NYC trip. The 10 days went by fast but I am so happy to be home. I just ate way too much food. So much of it was meat and I'm not used to eating so much of it on a daily basis. My parents like to have chicken, fish, pork, beef all in one sitting communal style. Will gladly go vegetarian for a few weeks!  This post is a recap of my vacation. Hope you enjoy the photos!  This is my BFF Andrea. We've known each other since we were 12 years old. It's rare to have such a long lasting friendship but those are the best kind. We went to Gatsby's Landing for dinner in Manhasset.  Roasted Duck Breast Grilled Lamb Chops  The next day I went to the Harry Potter store with a couple of my friends. Last year when I went to visit, the Harry Potter store had just opened and the lines were ridiculously long. I promised the next time I went back I would make the trip. So glad I did because the frenzy is now over and there was no line at all to get in. I g

New York Trip!

This is how I dress for a plane ride. Even though my flight from Atlanta to NYC is a short ride, I like to be as comfortable as possible. I'm wearing my favorite pair of High Times Pant along with a comfy t-shirt and a super soft On The Daily Hoodie. These pieces are pretty old. A pair of old Nikes and I also carry a Vinyasa Wrap in my backpack in case I get cold on the plane. My mom recently took a trip to Paris & Italy for vacation and bought me this pretty baby! I've been looking for this bag for a little while. It's completely sold out online since it's from fall/winter 2016. This is a Gucci Marmont velvet bag in size small. The color is a really pretty turquoise. I've already seen the new colors for fall/winter 2017 and the colors are not as nice in my opinion. The exchange rate is also really good right now, so she was able to score this for almost $500 less, if purchased in the US. I think I'll post a review up soon! I am totally loving