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Fit Review Friday! Stopover Jacket & Define Jacket

Happy Friday! I managed to stop by the store again and tried on a couple of things. This new scatter blossom pattern caught my eye because of the jacquard texture. The deep crimson red and texture really elevates this Define Jacket. I tried on my usual size 4 in Define Jackets. This one in particular is very fitted with not a lot of give or stretch. I would actually prefer to size up because it felt that tight.  Define Jacket Scatter Blossom Jacquard Size 4 I didn't take too many pictures wearing the Define Jacket since it's a staple item. Moving on! Next I have a review of the Stopover Jacket that was requested by one of my readers, I forget who, sorry! This is for you! Stopover Jacket Lunar Rock Size 4 I'm wearing my normal size 4. This is very fitted. It's very tight and a bit uncomfortable really. It looks fine, but I would recommend sizing up. The fabric is very smooth and shows every lump and bump you have! That said, the fabric feels