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WMTM Update!

Has anyone tried the  Reform Jacket ? The dark olive color is tempting me. Body Con Crop $74 (Also comes in Poseidon and Deep Rouge) Smooth Stride Tight $89 Sole Training 7/8 Tight $89 Body Con Tight $89 (Also comes in Deep Rouge and Midnight Navy) Fleece Please Jogger $79 Reform Jacket $69 (Also comes in Dark Olive and Black) Scuba Hoodie Alberta Teal $99 (My review of this exact Scuba Hoodie here ) Run It Out Tight $89 Wunder Under Crop $64 (It's back again in sizes 4 and 6) Vinyasa Wrap $39 (My review of the Vinyasa Wrap here ) Re-Form Vest $49 Check back tomorrow for my Fit Review Friday post!

WMTM Update!

Here are my favorites from today's WMTM upload. I guess they're finally putting the midnight tulle print on mark down. I really love this print actually. It's hard for me to decide which I like more, the black or the blue version. I really wish Lulu released these prints in the FTBW bra. =( Wunder Under Pant Full On Luxtreme $84 (all sizes are available at the moment) Back To It Crew $69 (comes in 4 colors but my favorite is astro blue) Cadence Crusher Hoodie $89 (still a little pricey but the deep indigo color is very nice) No Chill Short Sleeve $64 (pricey but it is made of merino wool) Wunder Under Pant Nulux $84 (right now only size 2, 10, 12 are available) Run It Out Tight $84 Free To Be Bra $44 (what is with the stingy sale price? only $4 off?) Free To Be Zen Bra (if only these were FTBW bras, they would have been mine)