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WMTM Update!

Has anyone tried the Reform Jacket? The dark olive color is tempting me.

(Also comes in Poseidon and Deep Rouge)

(Also comes in Deep Rouge and Midnight Navy)

(Also comes in Dark Olive and Black)

(My review of this exact Scuba Hoodie here)

(It's back again in sizes 4 and 6)

(My review of the Vinyasa Wrap here)

Check back tomorrow for my Fit Review Friday post!


  1. I tried bodycon crops today. I didnt like those curved hem (it makes my legs look shorter lol) also the mesh on the sides!!! All the way to the waist!!!!! I was wearinf nudy pink color underwear and it was VERY noticeable from the side. I wonder what undie people wear with them. If im about 5'6" and wear super highrise thong, i would get them.
    I wonder how reform jacket and best fits. Since I already own 2 spacer jacket and 1 pullover, it must be pass on me but they are hoodie and the 1/2 zip vest!!! This spacer fabric is super nice for weird hot and cold cali weather.

    1. Good to know about the Bodycon Crops. I am really curious about the Reform Jacket but there are no reviews on it. I do not own any items with the Spacer fabric so I am not sure if I will like it. The price is nice though!


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