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Upload! February 8th 2022

This is a decent upload. Lots of Vintage Plum, I am also loving Silver Blue and Soft Denim. There are quite a few items that have a strong 70s vibe. I like the look but I could never pull it off. I'm on my no buy month, so as much as I would love to do a fit review on the  Nulu Cropped Define Jacket  and  Classic Fit Cotton Blend T-Shirt  in Silver Blue, they will have to wait! I have 20 days left to go! Let me know what you got from today's drop! Nulu Cropped Define Jacket Vintage Plum (Would LOVE to try this but I'm on a no buy. Can someone send me a review?! 😅) Hooded Define Jacket Nulu Leopard Camo Deep Coal Cates Tee Creamy Mint All Yours Tank Top Graphic Electric Lemon Swiftly Racerback Tank Race Length Distorted Noise Creamy Mint/Cedar Green Sculpt Tank Blazer Blue Ebb To Street Tank Bronze Green Ebb To Street Cropped Tank Bronze Green (Lots of new colors added!) Swiftly Tech High Neck Tank Race Length Black Align Waist Length Tank Top Creamy Mint Quick Drying Short

Upload! November 1st 2021

Is this the start of the double holiday drops?? Lots of shiny Night Sea accents and Mulled Wine. I think I'm definitely getting the  Everywhere Fleece Belt Bag . This will be a very popular stocking stuffer I'm sure. The  Cotton French Terry Zip Hoodie  definitely has my interest but I'm not totally 100% into the Denim Wash Print. Let me know if you ordered anything and if you'd like to see a fit review of an item let me know in the comments!  Energy Longline Bra Leopard Camo Deep Coal Like A Cloud Bra Smoky Topaz Strappy Nulu Yoga Bra C/D Cassis Align Reversible Bra A/B Mulled Wine/Canyon Orange Invigorate Training Tank Top Everglade Green Align High-Neck Tank Top Pink Taupe Align Waist Length Tank Top Mulled Wine Swiftly LS Ripened Raspberry/Red Merlot (This is a really pretty color 😍) Swiftly Tech SS Race Length Tetra Stripe Pink Savannah / Mulled Wine Swiftly Tech SS Tetra Stripe Asphalt Gray Align LS Shirt Mulled Wine Cinchable Fleece Zip Up French Press (Curious