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Huge WMTM Christmas Upload!

Here are my picks from the huge WMTM sale. I of course picked up a  Transformation Wrap  in dark adobe. I just returned the full price one last week. Hah! I didn't get anything else. I'm trying to be more selective of what I buy. Which is something I'll try and continue to do from now on.  What did you get? Would love to know! Transformation Wrap $79 (Tempted to get a second color.) Essential Tank $44 (If this was cheaper, let's say $30 I would have bought a few more.) Sculpt Tank $39-$44 (I really love this print, but maybe if it were $29.) Down For It All Jacket Petrol Blue $119 Down For It All Pullover $99 Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Nulux $59-$89 (Kind of tempted, but not 100% sure I can pull this off!) Wunder Under Low-Rise Tight $59-$69 (I love knits like this.) Ready To Rulu Pant $79 Ready To Rulu Tight $69 Align Pant Super Hi-Rise $79 Power Lines Pant $69 Align Pant Full Length $79

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all from the Joven furbabies. Simi is missing. She really doesn't like things on her head! Ran away as fast as she could. 😂 Flash Ash Neko Nero the Grump!

Werkshop Black Friday Sale! 20% off Site-Wide!

I've been wanting to try their Athleisure leggings for a while and finally pulled the trigger! I couldn't decide between Moths and Raven so I ended up going with the Mash Up pair. 😂 I also decided on the Jackalope as well. I wasn't sure if I should get a size small or XS so I went with both. I'll have a review up soon! The sale is now through Monday. Use Code THX2018 . Gothica Mash Up Moth Raven Jackalope