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Huge WMTM Christmas Upload!

Here are my picks from the huge WMTM sale. I of course picked up a Transformation Wrap in dark adobe. I just returned the full price one last week. Hah! I didn't get anything else. I'm trying to be more selective of what I buy. Which is something I'll try and continue to do from now on. 

What did you get? Would love to know!

(Tempted to get a second color.)

(If this was cheaper, let's say $30 I would have bought a few more.)

(I really love this print, but maybe if it were $29.)

(Kind of tempted, but not 100% sure I can pull this off!)

(I love knits like this.)

(I love this print and how thick it is!)

(I would have bought these, but do not love the dark seams!)

(Speed Up Shorts are always a good idea!)

(Too bad I already have one of these!)

(It's on sale! But still kind of pricey!)


  1. I got the Wunder under 7/8 in the white shibori. And a men’s tech vent shirt for dad. :)

  2. Nice! I didn't even check the men's section. My hubby doesn't seem to like the fit very much of their shirts. He has one... barely uses it.

  3. Which Transformation wraps were on mark down? Odd because all colours were showing as sold out Christmas Eve.

    1. It wasn't sold out on the US side. All three colors were on sale. Nocturnal teal, dark adobe and the dark chrome.

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  5. On Boxing Day I saw the Transformation Wrap I returned at the store earlier and it was marked down to CAD 99. I was thinking of rebuying it but then I figured it was already snagged in a few place. So glad I didn’t keep it.

    Nothing for me from the Boxing Day WMTM section, Thought of getting the Winter Warrior Parika in Dark Chrome marked down to CAD 249 which was a good deal, but then I wasn’t sure how it would look on me. Finally got a very light down jacket at MUJI instead and I love it!

    1. Nice! I'm trying to stay away from all the sales but it is so hard. I'm glad I got the Transformation Wrap on sale though, it will make a nice office piece.


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