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Footwear Review Nike Flyknit Lunar, Nike Free Run, Ugg Ayden Sandal!

Let me just say I'm a fan of Nike.  I own 3 pairs of Flyknit Lunars .  The first two pairs I ordered my usual size 5.5 and they fit like a glove.  However after just a few months of wear they developed a hole where my big toe is.  I use these for running and for everyday walking.  I will also admit that I walk a lot.  When I lived in Boston it was normal for me to walk about 5 miles a day.   In NYC you walked everywhere so reaching my daily 10,000 steps wasn't very difficult if I wanted to.  Adding running into the mix and there is a lot of wear and tear.  However I would expect these to last longer than a few months.  I'll admit that a hole in the sneaker is not really a big deal.  No one would probably notice except myself. My husband suggested that maybe they were too small, and I should order the next size up.  I'm hardly ever a size 6 in anything, but I said sure, why not?  I ordered another pair in a size 6 and sure enough 3 months later, I got a small hole.  So