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Lululemon Flatiron NY - Behind The Design Event

It was definitely way more low key than I expected.  I got there exactly at 8am and didn't see a line, no crowd, nothing!  The store didn't look like it was open.  I actually thought for a minute that maybe I was at the wrong Lululemon location.  I checked my phone just in case I was mistaken and right then a couple walked in so I followed.  (I have this thing where I don't like to be the only customer in a store.) I went in hopes of finally seeing the Wunder Speed Tights in florence print, but sadly they were not there.  I actually didn't see anything new.  No one checked my event ticket, so anyone could have just walked in.  I am glad I went since they did give 15% off your entire purchase. It was fairly empty.   I would say maybe a total of 20 to 30 customers trickled in within the hour that I was there.  The educators were super nice and friendly.  I asked them if they were discontinuing the Free To Be Wild Bra since I haven't seen any new patterns o