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Lululemon Flatiron NY - Behind The Design Event

It was definitely way more low key than I expected.  I got there exactly at 8am and didn't see a line, no crowd, nothing!  The store didn't look like it was open.  I actually thought for a minute that maybe I was at the wrong Lululemon location.  I checked my phone just in case I was mistaken and right then a couple walked in so I followed.  (I have this thing where I don't like to be the only customer in a store.)

I went in hopes of finally seeing the Wunder Speed Tights in florence print, but sadly they were not there.  I actually didn't see anything new.  No one checked my event ticket, so anyone could have just walked in.  I am glad I went since they did give 15% off your entire purchase.

It was fairly empty.   I would say maybe a total of 20 to 30 customers trickled in within the hour that I was there.  The educators were super nice and friendly.  I asked them if they were discontinuing the Free To Be Wild Bra since I haven't seen any new patterns or prints come in that style for some time.  I also told them I did try on the Free To Be Zen Bra and wasn't much of a fan of the strap placements.  I was reassured the Free To Be Wild Bra was not being discontinued and would make an appearance sometime soon.  

If anyone is interested they had a huge rack of markdowns of the Swiftly racerbacks, short sleeve and long sleeve in true red.  The prices were much lower than online.  The racerback tank was priced at $34, the short sleeve was $49 I believe and the long sleeve was $59.  They had almost every single size.  This is the Flatiron Store in NYC.  

Food and beverages were available in the back of the store.  They had some really good muffins that were still warm and Blue Print vegetable juices.  I took one of each.  It was my first time drinking a Blue Print and it tasted better than I expected but I don't think I would try it again.  It also has a lot of sugar for that one bottle.  (25 grams!)

Sorry for the craptastic picture!

All in all, it was a worthwhile trip, I ended up repurchasing the Define Jacket in Teeny Tooth and saved $18.  It's actually more than that if you calculate the tax I would have paid if I were to buy it in Atlanta.  (For any clothing item $110 and under is tax free in NYC.)  I also bought the Free To Be Bra in the same color.  I'll be returning the Define Jacket I purchased in Boston.  

Overall, nothing too exciting!  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  I'll be heading back to Atlanta tomorrow morning.  I'll be stuck in a minivan with a cat for two days.  Fun!


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  2. Glad you got to go even though it wasn't as big an event as it sounded. I would have definitely gone for 15% off.

    I wanted to see the wunder speeds in the sea pattern but no such luck. I think they're sold out.

    25 g of sugar? Yikes!

    1. I saw the Wunder Speeds in the sea pattern on the website in my size and was super tempted to order them but I passed. It was probably a return, otherwise yeah I think they are sold out.

      Yup, I'm glad I got the 15% off, better than nothing!

  3. I was also invited to the one in LA. It was for the evening event and I couldnt go because of my nagging 2 yr daughter. I wondered how it was and thanks for your review. ;) you always help!!

    1. Anytime! Glad to do a review of it. I'm pretty lucky I was in town for this. It just coincided at the same time I was here visiting my family.

  4. I was at this place last week. This is such a joy as a place for food! I had a beautiful time here. It reminded me of other venues in San Francisco. A beautiful, wonderful place that had excellent atmosphere.


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