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Fit Review Friday! Cool Racerback II, Align Crop in Greyvy, Speed Shorts!

Happy Friday everyone!  I have no water today in my building and I'm pretty much home all day.  It's insane how much our lives are depended on having running water.  Like going to the bathroom, washing my hands (like a million times a day) drinking tap water, taking a shower, making food, cleaning dishes, etc.  I feel like I should go back to bed until this whole thing is over.  LOL. Anyway yesterday I went to my usual store at the Perimeter Mall and they had the new Cool Racerback II for me to try on. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and usually a size 4 in tops and bottoms. Cool Racerback II in Black Size 4  A few things I noticed right away when I put it on.  The cut is higher which is awesome for me.  Most tanks including the Cool Racerback I are too low cut in the front and exposes my bra.  This tank I can comfortably wear going out and not worry about that.  I also notice it is a little bit shorter in length.  As you can see the tank still reache

Fit Review Friday! Speed Short H20 Double Gradient Yum Yum Pink!

I totally wanted to love these shorts.  Was even willing to shell out $68+tax for them.  Except sadly I tried on the size 4 and 2 and neither of them worked for me.  The size 4 was huge and baggy in the butt. Speed Short H20 in Yum Yum Pink Size 4 Front didn't look awful in the size 4, just a little loose. I am wearing the Yogi Everyday Tank in Heathered Rugged Blue.  I found it on mark down for $39 so I picked it up.   However, the back of the butt looks super deflated and sad. The thigh is also super loose on me. I tried on the size 2, and while the fit was much better in the butt, I found the waist to be too small.  It gave me a slight muffin top, which is not cute!  It would be fine if I decided to only wear it for working out and wore a tank over it, but I wanted to get these so I could wear it to the pool or beach. Size 2- much better fit, but it pinched my waist too much for my tastes. Improvement on the butt, but not by much! Th

What We Love! February 26th 2016

Sorry for the late post.  Last night we celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday so I am back in New York for a week, and I just got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled today.  My mouth is currently numb and I can't feel my lower half of my face at all.  I'm just praying I'm not in too much pain later! It looks like swim wear is making it's way even though I'm currently freezing in NY, and have no desire to get in a bathing suit anytime soon.  Two more days left for my ban.