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Fit Review Friday! Cool Racerback II, Align Crop in Greyvy, Speed Shorts!

Happy Friday everyone!  I have no water today in my building and I'm pretty much home all day.  It's insane how much our lives are depended on having running water.  Like going to the bathroom, washing my hands (like a million times a day) drinking tap water, taking a shower, making food, cleaning dishes, etc.  I feel like I should go back to bed until this whole thing is over.  LOL.

Anyway yesterday I went to my usual store at the Perimeter Mall and they had the new Cool Racerback II for me to try on.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and usually a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

Cool Racerback II in Black Size 4 

A few things I noticed right away when I put it on.  The cut is higher which is awesome for me.  Most tanks including the Cool Racerback I are too low cut in the front and exposes my bra.  This tank I can comfortably wear going out and not worry about that.  I also notice it is a little bit shorter in length. 

As you can see the tank still reaches my hips and can still cover most of my butt.  Yes I'm that short, haha.  It also doesn't seem to be as tight around my torso and stomach.  So it may be a little looser.  The store only had the black color in my size, so it's a little hard to see.  

The racerback is thinner and shows a lot more of my bra straps.  There's also a V cut at the top of the tank which now shows my neck tattoo clearly.  Please excuse my wild hair, it's always a mess.  I can't ever seem to tame it.  

The sewing details at the seams are a bit crooked at the V.  The left side looks perfect, but the right looks a little sloppy.  Overall, I do like the changes in the tank and will probably buy a few but I'm waiting for other colors and I prefer the heathered versions.  I do wish the racerback wasn't as thin.  Everything else I'm okay with!

Next up we have the Align Crops in greyvy.  I've been looking at it online a lot and had it in my shopping cart.  Now having seen it in person I can easily pass on it.  

First, I don't like dark seams.  That's just a pet peeve of mine.  I'm okay with the seams inside the legs, but seams that are above the crotch line is a no for me.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  It's giving yourself camel toe when there is no camel toe!  

Secondly, the color greyvy is a medium hue.  It's not too light, but it's also not dark enough that if you're wearing panties you can see the outline of it really easily.  Yes you can wear a thong but I personally do not like wearing thongs.  I used to when I was in college.  You guys remember the Britney Spears craze right?  

While the thong might hide the seams in the back, they will still show up in the front.  Yes you can wear a long flowy tank to hide the seams but I don't like to have to remember things like that when I'm throwing clothes on.  So the lesson here?  If you're worried about seams showing on your Align Crops/Pants do not buy medium or light colors.  Stick to the darks.  My deep indigo pair hides everything. 

Next, I tried on a ton of Speed Shorts.  The pop cut fatigue green was on mark down for $39.  The tofino teal is on sale for $44.  The last two are full priced now and marked up to $58.  Which pair did I end up buying?

(unfortunately these are still full priced online)

While I liked the camo print, I didn't love it.  The sale price was very tempting.  These are the H2O version but I figure you can still wear these to run regardless.  I didn't love how the back looked.

These I liked a little more than the fatigue green pair.  But something about all the crazy lines reminded me of fireworks or maybe palm trees in the sky but I wasn't loving it either.

This pair I really kind of wish I loved, but the purple and black looked a bit murky at times.  Maybe if the purple was a notch brighter I would have bought these.  I think I would also have a hard time pairing tops with this pattern.  It does look great with black though.  But black goes with everything!

After trying on the mini hounds camo emperor blue, the dottie tribe was refreshing.  The pattern placement was fine.  Fit was perfect, and I can see myself wearing this with any colored top I feel like.  No brainer!  Dottie Tribe wins!

Also spotted the power purple Swiftly LS, but I didn't try it on.  

That's all for today!  Let me know if you have any questions and if you would like to see a review of a particular item.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!

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(Cool Racerback II is not online yet)


  1. I love your reviews! We are almost the same size and height--I just have bigger thighs and butt (let's trade legs!). I'm an hour from a store, so I appreciate the reviews! What did you think about the color and seams on the dark indigo aligns? I have SO much trouble with color when I'm shopping online. I got the shell pink CRB and was shocked that it was very bright.

    1. Hi there! I have the dark indigo aligns and the inseams blend in well so they are not noticeable at all. The indigo color itself is like a dark navy blue Online it looks like black but it's definitely blue. At least Lululemon now offers free returns online. I'm so glad they got rid of the $5 return label. Did you end up keeping the pink CRB or returned it?

    2. I have the rugged blue align crops, so do you know if the indigo is more navy? I would like a full length align since my others are cropped. I'm probably safer with black.

      I bought the shell pink CRB on WMTM, so I kept it. Sometimes you have to rock the brightness, right?
      The free returns are SO much better. I can't wait until I live closer to decent malls.

    3. Get deep indigo. You wont regret!! I waited so long for right color of blue for align pant/crop and i really like deep indigo. It looks like faded navy. Little vintage taste. It goes well with almost every color. I hate wearing orange shades with black pants since that gives halloween look, and i always wear my salmon/orange color tops with deep indigo and looks so cute. :)

  2. Yes the indigo is fairly close to black. If you're looking for an alternative to black, the indigo is nice. I love the aligns but they do get linty... I think that's my only complaint!

    Very true. I have a hot pink CRB that I wear occasionally! I think it's jewelled magenta.

  3. I went to the store today. I easily passed on Align in greyvy. Color was too light. Im happy with my indigo. I also tried new CRB ii and i actually liked it. Im just waiting for some other color or print for it.
    I scored yogi everyday tank in cape red and trapeze twist tank in orange (forgot the name of it). My husband didnt like me in high neckline since im petite, but id like to give it a try since it's a huge trend now. ;)

    1. Lucky you! I wanted the cape red but sold out in my size. Boo! Let me know how you like the trapeze tank! I don't usually get high necklines either.

  4. Hi! I enjoy your blog. I am on the fence about purple speeds. I tried the Dottie ones but they were shorter on me than purple camo. I may keep the pace rival dotties as the print goes with all colors as you mentioned. Love your reviews.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for coming by! I feel if you're on the fence, it's probably a good chance you can pass on it. Go with your gut. =)

  5. I ended up wearing the Purple Camo Speeds in a 5k on Sunday and got a PR! I think they could be my lucky lulu shorts now.

    1. Congrats!! Now I'm tempted to get them too! =D


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