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Upload! April 9th 2019

I am loving the new graphite purple, but it's not as nice as antique bark. It is a nice summery shade purple though. It looks really pretty in the  Hotty Hot Short . Figue is a nice color too, but that's been done before. The  Cinch It Dress  is also back for summer. Did you order anything? Let me know if there is anything you would like to see a review of! Essential Tank Heathered Vintage Plum Swiftly Tech SS Breeze Palm Court Scuba Pullover Figue Full Of Grace LS Black (I actually really like how this outfit looks.) Stripe In Stride LS In Spirit Swiftly LS Deep Marine (loving the new Swiftly colors.) Swiftly LS Blush Coral Mist Over Windbreaker Brisk Blue Align Pant Graphite Purple Train Times Pant Figue In Movement Tight Blocked Plum Shadow In Movement Tight Figue Align Jogger Graphite Purple Skip Tight Lululemon Lab Black Arise Tight Lululemon Lab Reflective Alabaster Print Wunder Under Hi