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Upload! April 9th 2019

I am loving the new graphite purple, but it's not as nice as antique bark. It is a nice summery shade purple though. It looks really pretty in the Hotty Hot Short. Figue is a nice color too, but that's been done before. The Cinch It Dress is also back for summer. Did you order anything? Let me know if there is anything you would like to see a review of!

(I actually really like how this outfit looks.)

(loving the new Swiftly colors.)

(I kind of want these too.)


  1. Was very interested in getting something in Graphite Purple but Figue seems prettier in the pictures. If Lulu releases a nice jacket in both colors I’ll be in trouble. :)

    Still hoping for the Align Crop in Washed Marble Titanium Deep Coal.

    1. Figue is nice too. I wouldn't mind something in either color.

      Same here! Maybe next week?

  2. Nothing for me this upload. I usually take some time to think about getting an item unless I really love it instantly and or it might sell out before I can decide. There's a lot of items I really like but I can't decide on what.

    1. I'm the same way, there's nothing in this upload that I have to have.


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