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Upload! July 3rd 2018

I can't believe it's July 4th already! For those celebrating have a safe holiday and don't forget your pets. This will be the kittens first year with fireworks, so I'll be home monitoring them to make sure they're not too scared. Give them lots of treats and love tomorrow for those who have pets at home. Keep an eye on them. Was hoping to see a dark purple Sculpt Tank but no dice. Nothing for me this week! Have a happy 4th! Energy Bra Infinity Alpine White (Kinda like how this print looks, too bad I can't fit into this bra) Breeze Through Twist Tank Rose Blush Cool Racerback Race Length Swerve Vapor (CRBs have always been too long on me, so I'm kinda interested to see where this falls on me) Knot Gonna Fly Tank Heathered Figue Sculpt Tank Berry Mist (was hoping for the pretty dark purple color) Reveal Hybrid Bra Interconnect Pacific Teal Scuba Hoodie Sun Dazed Define Jacket Deep Cove Train Times 7/8 Pa