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Upload! July 3rd 2018

I can't believe it's July 4th already! For those celebrating have a safe holiday and don't forget your pets. This will be the kittens first year with fireworks, so I'll be home monitoring them to make sure they're not too scared. Give them lots of treats and love tomorrow for those who have pets at home. Keep an eye on them.

Was hoping to see a dark purple Sculpt Tank but no dice. Nothing for me this week! Have a happy 4th!

(Kinda like how this print looks, too bad I can't fit into this bra)

(CRBs have always been too long on me, so I'm kinda interested to see where this falls on me)

(was hoping for the pretty dark purple color)

(I kinda like this crazy polka dot hat)

(I like this but not enough to pay full price)


  1. I’m interested in the City Trek Trouser but not sure if the material is matte or sheen, and whether it’s lightweight or on the thick side. It’s an online only item so I won’t be able to check it out in the store. Have you ever tried this before? Any comments would be highly appreciated.

    Bought two pairs of On the Fly Pant lately and love them. They are ankle length on me. I would love the hem to be an inch wider, ie. not as tapered, but it’s super cute once rolled up. The fabric is soft and silky, and qutie flattering on my tiny frame. Lately I’m buying more bottoms from Lululmeon than tops. :)


    1. I don't usually buy Lululemon pants or sweatpants because they're usually super baggy on me in the legs. I'm curious, how tall are you?

      I think the City Trek Trousers are on the heavier side material wise, and they look matte in the gray, but not sure about the black.

      I keep hoping Lululemon will offer their pants in petite sizing.

    2. I’m 5’3” at 100 lbs so I’m kind of tiny. GAP petite sized pants fit me perfectly! :).

      The regular sized Groove Pants was perfect length but the new Throw Back Pant is like 3” too long on me! I’ve had very bad experience with Lululemon hemming service so I try not to buy any bottoms that need to be hemmed.


    3. Ah that's why you can fit the pants! Those extra 4 inches you have on me is quite a big difference. I've only had leggings hemmed, never pants. That's a shame you had a bad experience with that.


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