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2020 Fall Wish List!

Every September I do a little wish list for myself. Doesn't always mean I'll end up buying everything on the list, but I do always end up purchasing some of it to try out! For this year, I am looking to buy a new winter coat, but so far Lulu doesn't have anything I really want? Instead I'm eyeing this jacket from Patagonia. I hear great things about this brand so I may give the Silent Down Jacke t a try. Silent Down Jacke t  (The Stone Blue looks amazing.) Bivy Hooded Vest (I'm not usually a vest kind of gal, but this looks really pretty.) Sit in Lotus Hoodie Sweater Gray Sage (This is the one item from Lulu I am currently eyeing, has anyone tried this yet? It looks so cozy.) Athleta I'm actually eyeing more items from Athleta at the moment. The Mission Hoodie  looks so comfy. Actually this whole outfit screams how I want to feel everyday. I don't know about you, but I'm sold. Lululemon will always be my number one,