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2020 Fall Wish List!

Every September I do a little wish list for myself. Doesn't always mean I'll end up buying everything on the list, but I do always end up purchasing some of it to try out! For this year, I am looking to buy a new winter coat, but so far Lulu doesn't have anything I really want? Instead I'm eyeing this jacket from Patagonia. I hear great things about this brand so I may give the Silent Down Jacket a try.

(The Stone Blue looks amazing.)

(I'm not usually a vest kind of gal, but this looks really pretty.)

(This is the one item from Lulu I am currently eyeing, has anyone tried this yet? It looks so cozy.)

I'm actually eyeing more items from Athleta at the moment. The Mission Hoodie looks so comfy. Actually this whole outfit screams how I want to feel everyday. I don't know about you, but I'm sold. Lululemon will always be my number one, but Athleta is a close second.

I admit, I haven't been wearing my leggings as much these days, I'm all about joggers but these Werkshop Phoenix leggings are definitely on my list.

 Speaking of joggers, I'm trying to patiently wait for Vuori to release the petite length, but these are so far my favorite joggers in terms of comfort. I have a few from Ivivva that I love because of the fit, but Vuori Performance Joggers are hands down the comfiest I've tried so far. I'll take one of each please!

(The navy pair looks really nice.)

I kind of promised myself this year that I wouldn't buy that many pairs of new shoes, especially since Covid- we haven't been going out anywhere and for the most part, I have refrained. Mostly. But seriously, these Rothy's Golden Gingham Mary Janes are unreal. If I were still going to the office everyday, these would have already been mine. But because I'm still working from home and for probably the next six months, I've held back. 

(But man, these are soooooo cool, look at the color.)

Now Allbirds, which is my other favorite brand of shoe, have about three pairs I am seriously eyeing.  How can I say no to my favorite shade of pink?!!!! 

(Add to Cart!)

I have been wearing my harvest Mizzles a lot and I definitely think I need a back up pair. I've never had such light colored sneakers before, so I'm a little hesitant even though these can be thrown in the washing machine!

I've been wearing my light blue pair for a few months, strictly for working out but I feel like I should get a second pair for the days I head to the park. These are super comfy, and the purple is finally back in stock. The blue pair is also really nice. I'm leaning towards the purple though.

To round off my wish list, I have to include a couple of bags I want. Coach just released a new version of the Cashin Tote. The midnight navy looks amazing with the light blue contrasting edge coat! This would make the perfect work bag. But again... Covid! The pebbled leather would also make this less prone to scratches. 

I can't seem to decide between the midnight navy or the saddle. I already have three bags in the saddle color, so maybe I would pick the navy. Sigh. I haven't carried any of my nice bags in nearly seven months now. So sad! But since I'm talking about bags, if I could pick one super extravagant item to purchase, it would be Bottega Veneta's mini Jodie bag. How cute is this?!!! 

The price is ridiculous for this tiny bag, but I can't deny how cute it is. It comes in a rainbow of colors. It's hard to just pick one. It is seriously some gorgeous arm candy. 😍

This pretty much wraps up my wish list! Hope you enjoyed the inner ramblings that go on in my head! Hope you all have a fantastic Monday. 😃


  1. Wow that first jacket looks luxe! Love that blue color! I still haven't tried vuori yet and I'm not sure if I ever will because I keep buying LLL! I am hoping for the scuba 1/2 zip in graphite grey and I also want: rare beauty cream blush (idk color yet), iron blue align tank. No shoes for me because I still have to break in my docs!

    1. The Scuba 1/2 zip is going to go back. I'll have the fit review up for Friday. I took pics and a video because sometimes pictures do not tell the whole picture. It looks okay- but the arms are definitely much bigger than I could handle haha. The body is also very wide and boxy.

  2. What a great fall wish list. Well, I am not a fan of joggers but the rest is excellent.

    I love, love, love the Coach tote. Did you get the personal code for 25% off? It has been extended through today. I really thought about the tote but even with the discount it's still costly and Covid means I wouldn't have much use for it for quite some time.

    You can't go wrong with Patagonia. The products are great and the company is ethical and responsible.

    1. Hi Kathy! I did get the Coach tote. I'm really trying not to buy it because yep- I probably won't get to use it until next year. I'll probably get more use out of the Patagonia and allbirds. So I'll probably go for the things I'll actually get to use, vs it staying in my closet!

    2. Good plan! I also think, once life returns to more normal, there will be new Coach bags that are just as beautiful and I'll be more excited to buy one of those rather than dig one out of my closet.

  3. Thanks for sharing your fall wish list with us! I only have a few windbreakers from Patagonia and quality is amazing. The down jacket looks nice and I love the color! Kind of reminds me of Lululemon’s Iron Blue.

    I’ve had no luck with Allbirds so far cos new colors always sell like hot cakes! I hope they will bring in some new colors for fall.

    1. Wow, I guess I definitely have to try Patagonia now! Yes the blue does look like Iron Blue.

      Allbirds should definitely be releasing new colors soon. Keep checking!

  4. OMG those Rothy’s are adorable! I can’t decide which color way I like better. I’d probably grab a pair if I planned to be in the office anytime soon.

    Besides the rainbow Swiftly, I haven’t been truly excited about a lululemon piece in a while. I hope they‘ll have a pretty holiday collection to make up for it!

    1. I like the golden yellow a little bit more, but the navy is definitely easier to wear.

      Lululemon has been taking a huge chunk of money from me since March- but at least I haven't had to buy any work clothes? =D

  5. I bought the grey sage Sit in Lotus sweater last night! I love it. It’s a thin merino wool sweater, it will be perfect for video calls while working at home.

    1. Hi thanks!! Did you stay true to size? I'm a little worried it may shrink after washing- this happened to one of my older Lulu merino sweaters. It got so tight in the arms.


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