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Happy February!

January went by so fast. With everything going on with Sherlock it's been exhausting. I haven't even gone to a Lululemon store in so long. I'm going to definitely try and make a trip out there this weekend. My goal for 2018 is to try and buy less, to consume less material goods. That said, I am allowing myself one purchase a month. It can be anything really. For the most part I succeeded in January. I made two purchases that I didn't "need". Athleta Girl Cozy Cruiser Jogger  (on sale!) I loved my black pair so much I stalked Athleta's website until my size was back in stock for the gray pair. I have a review of the black pair here . Since I purchased another pair of joggers, I am going to sell/donate at least one pair in my closet that no longer works for me. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Necklace My second purchase is this gorgeous golden snitch necklace. I'm a Potterhead so after my Harry Potter trip I've been pretty obsessed wit