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Store Try Ons! Speed Shorts Rose Blush, Swiftly Brave Olive LS & SS, Ready to Rulu Pant!

Happy Friday all!  Yesterday I went to the store mainly looking for 3 things, the new herringbone Define, brave olive Swiftlies and Ready to Rulu Pant.  Two out of three isn't bad I guess!  So here we go, the first thing I saw was the Speed Short in rose blush.  I think I may be addicted to this color. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms unless otherwise noted. Speed Short in Rose Blush I can't seem to get enough of this pink dusty mauve/rose blush color.  Plus pink and green always look great together in my opinion!  Brave olive looks really good paired with the rose blush.   One negative so far is it sort of shows wrinkles easily, but I think after a wash and a nice fold it should be fine. The fit is true to size for me.  It made my bum look decent I think and it wasn't too baggy as some of the other Speed Shorts I've tried on.  So yes, I took these home with me.   Swiftly Short Sleeve in Brave Ol

USA / Canada Upload! July 12th 2016

Wow I'm actually kind of disappointed and relieved with tonight's upload.  Nothing that I was hoping for came in.  Oh well, I guess that's better for my wallet since I was fully prepared to put in an order tonight.  Did you guys get anything? Power Y Tank in Dusk Dye Ta Ta Tamer in Bubbles Pipe Dream Blue Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew in Heathered Harbor Blue Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in Heathered Jewelled Magenta Intensi-Tee in Heathered Cape Red Intensi-Tee Long Sleeve in Heathered Hero Blue High Times Pant in Paint Storm Espresso Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise in Dottie Tribe Speed Short in Dottie Tribe Cool Racerback in Paint Storm Espresso Energy Bra in Mini Dottie Tribe Free To Be Wild Bra in Mini Paint Storm Harbor Blue Back View Canada-  Power Y Tank in Paint Storm Harbor Blue

Australian Upload! May 16th 2016

I kinda like the Tea Lounge Pant and the new print for the Speed Shorts.  I think the Mini Palm Lace Tofino Teal looks best in small items like a bra or shorts. Inspire Tight in Palm Lace Tofino Teal Swiftly LS in Heathered Blue Denim (pretty!) Tea Lounge Pant in Heathered Alberta Lake Fleecy Keen Jacket in Inkwell Swiftly Tech SS in Heathered Blue Denim All Sport Bra in Mini Palm Lace Tofino Teal Speed Shorts in Palm Lace Tofino Teal Tight Stuff Crop in Mini Palm Lace Tofino Teal

Australian Upload! February 22nd 2016

Not too much going on in today's upload.  But I did pick out a few things that I really like.  But first off, are these Wunder Unders old?  I thought they had these last year.  I don't care either way I hope I get to snag a pair of these!  I was so sad when I missed out on them. Wunder Under Crop II Roll Down Special Edition These Swiftlys also look old, but I'm not sure anymore.  Light colors like these wash me out so I'll probably pass.  But they are pretty! Swiftly Long Sleeve in Heathered Silver Fox Swiftly Short Sleeve Heathered Chalk Trapeze Long Sleeve in Heathered Alberta Lake Universal Wrap in Heathered Blue Denim (so pretty!) Vinyasa Scarf in Tonka Stripe Red Grape Minty Pink

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew in Heathered Raspberry and Heathered Peacock

From left to right, heathered peacock, heathered tender violet, heathered raspberry Yesterday my two new Swiftly Short Sleeves arrived!  I was worried the raspberry would be too similar to tender violet, but they are different enough that I am willing to keep both.  Heathered peacock is definitely more green than I usually like, but once I tried it on, I really like how it looked on me so it's also going to be a keeper.  I'm very pleased!   And for those who asked to see some outfits, here are examples of how I dress on the weekends for errands and shopping.  I really love that I can layer my Down For A Run Vest over my On The Daily Hoodie. Vinyasa Scarf, On The Daily Hoodie, Down For A Run Vest, herringbone Wunder Under Tights Jcrew Infinity Scarf, Jcrew Vintage Tee, Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket, Carbon38 Polonium Leggings, Frye Valerie boots. I really love the Polonium Leggings.  I know they are pricey, but so worth it.  Right now, they are completel