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Australian Upload! February 22nd 2016

Not too much going on in today's upload.  But I did pick out a few things that I really like.  But first off, are these Wunder Unders old?  I thought they had these last year.  I don't care either way I hope I get to snag a pair of these!  I was so sad when I missed out on them.

Wunder Under Crop II Roll Down Special Edition

These Swiftlys also look old, but I'm not sure anymore.  Light colors like these wash me out so I'll probably pass.  But they are pretty!

Swiftly Long Sleeve in Heathered Silver Fox

Swiftly Short Sleeve Heathered Chalk

Trapeze Long Sleeve in Heathered Alberta Lake

Universal Wrap in Heathered Blue Denim (so pretty!)

Vinyasa Scarf in Tonka Stripe Red Grape Minty Pink