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Happy New Year! 2023 Musings

Hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year celebration. My husband and I had a lovely dinner at our favorite local sushi restaurant. We almost always order the same thing when we go. Cucumber and seaweed salad to start, three rolls and a hand roll. Then we came home and binged Jack Ryan. We went through 5 episodes and will probably finish it tonight. We stayed up until 2 am and went to bed. That was our hip-hop-happenin' New Year celebration. 😂 This morning I had my Kettle & Fire bone broth and the last of our shrimp cocktail which Flash woke up immediately from his nap and sniffed. 😹 He actually doesn't even like shrimp!  Look back on 2022 I kept up with my workouts but recently re-injured my left shoulder. It's an old injury that became aggravated again. I will have to lay off my upper body workouts for a little while. That kind of sucks going into 2023, but I'm determined to overcome it and get better. I will be making a doctor's appointment later this week