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Upload! May 12th 2020

Did I miss the  Align Tank  in last week's upload or something? I don't recall seeing this, but it could be that I am just more forgetful these days. It's definitely something I would be interested to try. Anyone have one? Nothing for me this week. I am loving my new Ebb To Street Bra and would love to see it come out in more colors. I think I may have to retire my Free To Be Wild Bras. The straps are really starting to irritate the top of my shoulders. Also want the Align Short in the naval blue diamond dye. Maybe that will come next week? Hopefully I didn't already miss it! Seems like this are definitely selling out faster during quarantine. Anything for you? Align Tank Rustic Coral (Maybe they will release more in another color next week.) Cut Back Crop Tank Washed Chianti Love Tank Pleated Serene Blue All Aligned Midi Dress Cassis Essential Tank Incognito Camo Silver Drop (I like this tank, but wish it wasn't so long!) Al