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Upload! April 23rd 2019

Another boring upload. The only thing I'm mildly interested in is the  Everyday Skirt . It most likely will be too long and not flattering for us petites. I wonder if my lack of enthusiasm stems from having way too much Lululemon clothes that nothing looks new and exciting anymore? Let me know if you purchased anything and if there's anything you want to see a review of! When there is nothing that interests me at Lululemon I tend to start looking at Athleta, which seems to be happening more and more lately. The Everyday Skirt True Navy (I wonder if this is any way petite friendly? Skirts can be iffy on me. I'm guessing these will end around my shin... probably not flattering.) Cool Racerback Heathered Graphite Purple Cross It Off Tank Heathered Graphite Purple Breeze By SS Squad Cascade Blue Cut Class Jacket Washed Blue Moon (I wish I liked this, but it just looks kind of cheaply made.) Easy Going Jacket Heathered Silverscreen (This remi