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Finally a WMTM update!

Wow, I have not done one of these in a long time. Finally some new items hit this afternoon. I do apologize for the late post, I've been really busy with family and friends. Here are my top picks from the sale. Did you buy anything? I ended up ordering the Speed Shorts in midnight tulle . I finally gave in and bought it with my gift card. So far that's my only Lululemon purchase this month besides the High Times Pant in blooming pixie , which is still available much to my surprise! My guess is people prefer the WUC? Love Racerback Blue Denim (this is a pretty blue for spring) On Track Singlet Heathered Astro Blue Cool Racerback Infinite Black Featherlight Tight Heathered Black Sleet Sprinter Jacket Black $169! (I have a review of it here ) Cardio Squad Tank Heathered Plum and also pretty Heathered Desert Teal Make A Move Short in 6 colors

Fit Review Friday! Sleet Sprinter Jacket & Gear Up Crop

Sorry for the late post today! I've been running around for two days straight. I've got about an hour before I have to go visit my brother / wife and nephew. I would really like to take a nap right about now! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and I'm usually a size 4 in both tops and bottoms. Sleet Sprinter Jacket Black Size 4 Here we have the Sleet Sprinter Jacket. This looked really nice on the hanger but I had suspicions that it wouldn't be very petite friendly. I am trying on my usual size 4 and it was comfortable enough that I could see it being a very nice running jacket. Nothing was too tight and I was able to move my arms freely without any restrictions.  Side note, yes I got new glasses! I really like them. They're super affordable only $26. They're Foster Grant reading glasses that are very high quality. I took them to my eye doctor to put in new lenses with my regular prescription. They say they're for men's but I don't

USA / Canada Upload! November 7th 2016

I apologize for not being around the past few days.  My parents were in town and just left.  The whole weekend was a whirlwind.  My husband and I showed them as much of Atlanta as we could pack in the 72 hours they were here.  I think they liked Atlanta a lot.  The weather was 70s and sunny during the day and it was actually quite hot walking in the sun.  For November, the weather is amazing here. So, this is interesting that we have an upload on a Monday night.  I was not expecting this at all, but of course it makes sense.  Tomorrow is the big election everyone has been waiting for.  I'm actually quite anxious about it myself and I know I'll be glued to the television to see who wins. I may try and go to the store tomorrow, I'll see...  if not I'll place an order for a few items to try on.  Anything for you tonight? Sleet Sprinter Jacket Sleet Sprinter Tight in Hero Blue Outrun 1/2 Zip in Hazy Heathered Dance Studio Crop in Nocturnal Teal  (h