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USA / Canada Upload! January 10th 2017

Nothing for me from tonight's upload since I bought the indian ocean Swiftly, but I do like the new High Times Pant. I'm skipping all the jackets just because I don't find them to be flattering at all. Is this just me? What do you think of tonight's upload? Simply Bare Tight Darkest Magenta Rising Salutation Sweater Astro Blue Pick Up The Pace Long Sleeve Astro Blue Get Ready Jogger Heathered Textured Printed Mercury Deep Coal (tried this on at the store today, see my previous post) High Times Pant Jacquard Black Indian Ocean Swiftly Racerback Indian Ocean (bought this today, see my previous post) Swiftly Racerback Aurora Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise Jacquard Black Polar Pink

Store Try Ons! Swiftly Racerback Tank Indian Ocean, Get Ready Jogger + BlankNYC

This is my first Lululemon purchase for the year!  Couldn't pass up the indian ocean color, I think it's a color you NEED to have. It's super soft and is definitely thicker than my other Swiftly tanks. Because of the thickness, this one also fits tighter, especially the band at the hem. I also tried on a size up just to see, but the size 6 looked too sloppy and long. I have photos below. Swiftly Racerback Indian Ocean Swiftly Racerback Indian Ocean   I'm trying my normal size 4 It is definitely slim fitting and tight. I also tried on the Get Ready Jogger , but they looked pretty terrible on me. I am way too short for these! They almost looked okay with the boots, but not really!   Get Ready Jogger Size 2 Awful! Swiftly Racerback Indian Ocean   Trying on Size 6 Too long so I stuck with my usual size 4. I stopped by Nordstrom to try on this amazingly soft suede motorcycle jacket in burgundy by BlankNYC. I trie