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UK Upload! October 4th 2016

Normally I also post Australia's upload, but it was so boring and only a handful of new items I just didn't bother.  UK's upload is much better, but I'm only finding a couple of pieces I really like.  So much of it is uninspiring in my opinion.  Which is why I've been looking at Athleta these days.  Sigh. While the new moonlit magenta is super pretty I'm not loving the new CRB.  Have any of you bought one and how do you feel about it?  I only tried the new CRB a couple of times but each time I've talked myself out of it because of the back. Cool Racerback in Moonlit Magenta Flow Y Bra in Luon Spray Jaquard Aurora   Swiftly LS in Heathered Moonlit Magenta This is another pretty Swiftly, but it also looks a lot similar to the past purples.  It's also fall and I'm looking for fall colors, not spring!  Man, I'm sounding bitchy today.   Swiftly SS in Moonlit Magenta Done Your Asana Pullover in Heathered Light Gray (wit