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Werkshop Leggings Under The Sea Chapter 2!

Werkshop just released their Under The Sea Chapter 2 today!  My favorite ones are the Angler fish leggings.  They all come in crops and full length leggings except for the Gold Scales (only comes in full length).  As you all know I'm a big fan of Werkshop leggings and have 3 pairs.  I'm still eyeing the Jellyfish and Octopus from Chapter 1 last month.  I'm only holding off because I already spent a lot this month (bag purchase!) so I need to be good until April.  April is just around the corner though! Angler Gold Scales - full length only Seahorses Orcas I'm a size 4 in Lululemon Wunder Unders and Align Pants.  In these, I fit a size small.  It's a very popular size as I looked to see if they had the Angler's available in a size small and they're already sold out!  That was fast!  They do restock however, so I'm going to check back in a few weeks! Take a look at all Werkshop leggings here !