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Fit Review Friday! Play All Day Socks and Anthropologie Visit!

Ok so this isn't really a fit review since I didn't get myself to the store.  But I am hoping maybe I'll stop by this weekend to try a few things on my wish list.  However, I did order the Play All Day Socks when I saw them in the blue and pink combo!  I cannot pass up super cute socks. Play All Day Sock Unfortunately the Pink Shell/Pipe Dream Blue combo already sold out online but they still have the white pair.  I would totally buy another pair if I could now that I know they fit me!  Normally I have to buy socks from the kids section because my feet are just that tiny.  I love the New Balance socks I have and they are children's size large.     I typically wear a size 5 or 5.5 in women's and most socks never fit me perfectly.  There's also hanging fabric left over at the end of my foot which annoys me so much.  It's like a pet peeve.  I took a chance ordering these in the size Small/Medium.  When I saw these right out of the packaging I kn