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Upload! February 9th 2021

What do you guys think about this upload? Not much speaks to me but the flocked  Get In Line Bra  is really interesting. I wonder how that feels? Also interesting is you can tumble dry low! 😱 I am shocked! New color ripened raspberry which is too bright for me. And this Neo Mint  Everywhere Belt Bag  is bringing back childhood memories. I loved that color as a kid! Anything for you? Lululemon is making my low-buy 2021 pretty easy so far. I'm also taking requests for fit reviews. Leave a comment if there's something you'd like to see!  Get In Line Bra A/B Violet Verbena (I actually want to try this bra, this velvety flocked detail sounds intriguing.) Forward Fold Bra C/D Violet Verbena Swiftly Tech LS Flocked Black Train To Be SS Regatta Blue Train To Be SS Rain Stripe Deep Fuchsia Rulu Running Cropped 1/2 Zip Dark Terracotta Melodic Movement LS Black All Yours Crop Tank Cafe Au Lait (I dig this outfit!) Swiftly Tech SS Shine Regatta Blue Train To Be LS Distrupted Herringbo