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Store Try Ons! Speed Shorts Rose Blush, Swiftly Brave Olive LS & SS, Ready to Rulu Pant!

Happy Friday all!  Yesterday I went to the store mainly looking for 3 things, the new herringbone Define, brave olive Swiftlies and Ready to Rulu Pant.  Two out of three isn't bad I guess!  So here we go, the first thing I saw was the Speed Short in rose blush.  I think I may be addicted to this color.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms unless otherwise noted.

I can't seem to get enough of this pink dusty mauve/rose blush color.  Plus pink and green always look great together in my opinion!  Brave olive looks really good paired with the rose blush.  

One negative so far is it sort of shows wrinkles easily, but I think after a wash and a nice fold it should be fine.

The fit is true to size for me.  It made my bum look decent I think and it wasn't too baggy as some of the other Speed Shorts I've tried on.  So yes, I took these home with me.  

The store I went to had both the short sleeve and the long sleeve of in brave olive Swiftlies.  I was looking for the racerback tank also, but no luck.  Out of the two I think the short sleeve looks better on me.  I have a super short torso and the long sleeve version is soooooooo loooooong.  It bunches up and shows every wrinkle and bump.  

Here I'm pairing it with the Wunder Under Crop in maze jacquard black/white.  The color of the brave olive is a very nice medium to dark green.  It does have yellow undertones to it though, reminds me of split pea soup.  I think this would look really nice for fall.  I wish it looked better on me though.

I left both Swiftlies behind.  I'm debating if I should order the racerback tank in brave olive.  If I did end up keeping something in this color it would be either the racerback tank or the short sleeve.  The long sleeve is definitely out for me, especially since the price hike.  $78+tax is a bit high.  I would really have to love it to spend that kind of money.  I didn't quite love the short sleeve either which is why I left it behind.  I would consider if it made it to WMTM.  Even then it would still be $59!

The brave olive looks really good paired with the maze jacquard print.  I wish the WUC didn't flare out so much on me at the ankles.  The fabric is nicely thick and textured.  I would get them in the WUP but these don't come in regular rise.  Boo!  

Too many wrinkles here.

I tried on the Ready To Rulu Pant so see if these are petite friendly.  You can safely size down in this.  I usually wear a size 4 but since these are more casual and loose fitting I can fit the size 2.  The size 2 fit perfectly at the waist.  They only had textured luon spray jacquard in the size 2 at the store.  I really wanted to try these in the heathered deep navy.

To the touch this pair did feel textured, which kind of defeats the purpose of rulu in my opinion.  I love rulu because of how soft and smooth they feel.  So if I did get a pair of these I would go for the blue version for sure.  They had them in the size 4 at the store and they felt buttery smooth.

Zipper pocket

The pockets were interesting.  One side had a zipper closure while the other did not.  I'm not sure if I would appreciate it.  I worry about my hands being caught on the zipper.

Regular pocket

Here I have it paired with the brave olive Swiftly LS and it makes a cute casual outfit.  The length of these weren't as bad as I feared.  They're a little bunchy at the bottom but I didn't think they were horrible.  My inseam is super short.  I'm between 26 to 27 inch inseam.  

They look a little bunchy at the sides.

I was a little surprised to see how thin they were.  I definitely didn't expect to see my underwear line! I will say these are super comfortable though.  For $108 they're a little steep but I paid the same for my Base Runner Pants from last year.  

That's all for today!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  


  1. Loving the new haircut!!! Totally suits you. Thks for all the reviews, I really appreciate the description of fabrics and cuts.

    1. Thanks! I'm digging the haircut too. I may have to maintain this one. I usually just let it grow out for a few months before going again.

  2. Those rose blush speeds! I NEED THEM! I hope they've made their way to Canada! I'll be on the hunt after work!

    1. It's funny because I didn't think I would like them, but once I tried them on I knew they would be leaving the store with me. I hope you find a pair! They're already starting to sell out on the US site.

    2. were these a recent release? Somehow I missed them! I notice that they are about 5 colours in on the US site but I don't recall ever seeing them in a release post. Praying I can find them in store here in Canada!

    3. They came out about 2 weeks ago? September 13th to be exact haha. I think Canada had them but I'm not 100% certain though. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the reviews! I'm surprised the Ready to rulu pants weren't longer! I might try them in black or the blue.
    The swiftly price increases have turned me off as well. I want the Bali green one but ugh on the price.

    1. I know, if it weren't for the price increase, I probably would have bought the SS Swiftly. But since I'm sort of on the fence, I didn't. I wonder if these will make it to WMTM because of the price increase? The Bali green may make it.


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