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Happy February!

January went by so fast. With everything going on with Sherlock it's been exhausting. I haven't even gone to a Lululemon store in so long. I'm going to definitely try and make a trip out there this weekend.

My goal for 2018 is to try and buy less, to consume less material goods. That said, I am allowing myself one purchase a month. It can be anything really. For the most part I succeeded in January. I made two purchases that I didn't "need".

I loved my black pair so much I stalked Athleta's website until my size was back in stock for the gray pair. I have a review of the black pair here. Since I purchased another pair of joggers, I am going to sell/donate at least one pair in my closet that no longer works for me.

My second purchase is this gorgeous golden snitch necklace. I'm a Potterhead so after my Harry Potter trip I've been pretty obsessed with anything Harry Potter related. I found this necklace on etsy. I absolutely love it. I don't usually buy jewelry and I definitely do not buy expensive jewelry so I didn't feel too guilty buying this necklace. 

Overall, January was a pretty good month. I managed to sell some items from my closet and also donated a bag of clothes to goodwill. For the month of February I'm going to try and limit my purchase to one item again and after reading agentathletica's blog, I will be participating in her challenge of getting rid of 28 items in 28 days. That will definitely be hard for me but I'm going to try. I may end up having another small blog sale soon! Is anyone else participating in the Frugal February challenge? 

I'm now one month into my new workout program (I'm following Alexia Clark) and I already can feel a difference. I should have taken a photo when I started on December 29th, but haven't gotten around to it! I'm so behind on everything it's driving me nuts. I definitely have a photo shoot planned this weekend. It better be sunny!

That's it for me. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I read that post on donating 28 items, too. It inspired me as well. I'm filling up a big bag for charity this month and will take it in at the end of the month. Feels good to see items in my closet that I like and wear, rather than a whole bunch of stuff I'm kinda over.

    1. That is it exactly. I'm slowly going through my wardrobe and weeding things out. I want to look at my closet and be in love with everything. Then too many things hanging there that I'm kinda meh about. Here's to 28!

  2. That necklace is beautiful! Can't wait to see the workout results / read about it!

    1. Thanks Shelley!! Me too, I'm hoping I see some results in a few more months. Definitely feeling it though. =)


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