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Fit Review Friday! Harmony Hoodie, What The Sport Tee, Popflex Pop Short 2.0 Mermaid

Happy Friday everyone!  And for those in the states I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.  It's always the start of barbecues, beaches and summer fun.

While I was in NOLA I managed to go to a Lululemon store!  There was one in walking distance in a small mall.  It was also the first time I saw the Harmony Hoodie in person.  I'm normally a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies, but for this one I needed a size 4.  I found that it is really fitted around the hip area.

Harmony Hoodie in Heathered Light Gray Size 4

The fabric is super soft, slightly stretchy.  But I really couldn't get over how soft it felt.  It's a light weight hoodie, probably meant for mid 60 degree weather or at least super cold air conditioning temperatures in the summer.  

The back did have a vent, which I like.  It's only gaping open because I have my arms up taking a photo, with my arms down it doesn't gape like that.  It lays flat.

Unzipped it looks cute and casual

And if you're wearing short shorts, it looks like you're not wearing anything at all if you're short like me!  It almost has a cape look to it from the side, which I like.

I've been waiting for What The Sport Tees to hit WMTM but sadly they never do.  I found this one marked down to $39 at the store so I grabbed it.  I think I almost like these more than my Swiftly Short Sleeves.  It's less tight and you can still run in these and sweat in them and also wear them out casually and not worry about it snagging.

What The Sport Tee in Heathered Lakeside Blue Size 2

And some of you may know Blogilates came out with her own workout line called PopFlex.  Seems like everyone is doing a new clothing line these days, but I wasn't tempted until I saw the Mermaid Pop Short 2.0.  What I really like about these besides the cool colors and the mermaid theme is that these shorts have an inseam of 3.5 inches.  I always thought anything less than that would be too scandalous to wear to a gym.  The Pop Short is similar in style to the Boogie Shorts I own and I've never left the house with them and they have a 2 inch inseam.  According to the size chart for PopFlex, I'm in between sizes 4 and 6.  Someone on Instagram said to size down, so I went with the 4.

PopFlex Pop Short in Mermaid Size 4

The material is thicker and not as silky as the Boogie Shorts, and I'm sure you're all wondering about the bend over test.  I'm happy to let you know these passed.

As you can see, they're actually a little big around my thigh.  They do not fit flush against my legs.  If I went with the 6, they would have definitely have been too big on me.

You can see where it gapes a little there

Overall, they're not bad for the price.  I signed up to be a VIP for the discount.  The retail price is $48.  With the discount it is $29.50 but I had to pay $5.99 shipping.  

I already worked out in these and it was fine for the most part.  I wouldn't say they're as comfortable as Lululemon's Boogie Shorts because the material bunches up a bit while I was working out.  I'm unsure if that's because they're a little bit big on me?  I am wondering if I should have went with a size 2?  But I do think that would have been too tight.

These also have a side pocket where you can fit a iPhone 6 plus 

I don't have an iPhone 6 plus but I do have a pretty big Coach wristlet and it fit that fine!  The pocket is really big.  

Colors are really pretty

The back has a logo that reminds me very much of the lightning bolt on Harry Potter's forehead

I'm a bit curious as to why she picked this logo for PopFlex.  I don't mind it since I'm a big Harry Potter fan.  

Take a look at the Pop Short 2.0 Mermaid.

And the entire PopFlex collection.


  1. Love the Hoodie on you. Looks great! Going to Lululemon tomorrow to try on the Fireside Red Define, as I have it on hold! 😉

  2. Ok, tried the Define and didn't buy it! The colour just washed me out. I ended up getting the Regal Plum In Flux Jacket.

    1. Oh nice! I went to the store near me today but they didn't have anything new to try.


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