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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Triumph Hoodie, Ritual Jacket, Stay Fly Windbreaker & Friends and Family Event!

Happy Friday! I'm pretty excited about this post. Athleta's Friends & Family event started and I finally placed my order. I'm reviewing a bunch of jackets and hoodies with one piece that really stood out.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size XXS/XS/PXS in Athleta tops. In Lululemon I'm a size 4 in Define Jackets and Scuba Hoodies.

The color of this hoodie is very pretty in person. It's a medium colored purple and would make a nice transitional piece for spring. I'm wearing a size XS since lately the XXS has been feeling a bit too restrictive in the shoulder area. The one thing I wasn't 100% crazy about is the pocket placement. They flare out a little bit on me and I feel like it accentuates my hips. 

This hoodie is mid weight and well made. The sleeves are too long as usual. I wasn't 100% loving it, so I passed. 

See how the pockets flare out a bit?

I also tried on the fog gray heather color to see if the heathered version would help with the pocket issue I was having. I did feel like it masked it better, but I still wasn't convinced. Plus the sleeves are pretty long on me. Otherwise I did like the semi fit. I find it to be a very comfortable hoodie.

The Ritual Jacket is now only $69.99! I had to try it on. They actually had a size XXS! I think it is super cute, but now that we're already reaching 50s and 60 degree temperatures here, I wouldn't get much wear out of this now. This jacket definitely looks best in the abalone gray in my opinion.

Definitely makes me smile! It's so cute. Maybe next year?

Last but not least, my favorite item of the day is the Stay Fly Windbreaker. I really hoped to see the rosario pink color but the store only had black in stock.

This is a very generously sized jacket and I'm wearing size XXS with room to spare. That said I really like the look. It's a thin windbreaker and water repellant. I've been looking for a jacket like this and I think this one is perfect. 

I really like the sleeve details. You can tighten or loosen up the ties for a customized fit and look. I also like the zip details at the sides for ventilation. I think it's a really fun jacket.

Unfortunately the black makes it hard to see all the details on this jacket which I think look really cute, which is why I just ordered it in the rosario pink! I'm almost 100% sure I'll love it in the pink, but in case I really hate it I will exchange it for the black. 

I finally ordered the Brooklyn Ankle Pant that I reviewed last month in 0 petite. Here's hoping the length fits me better. I loved the color and how soft and silky it feels. 

That's it for me! Did you order anything from the Athleta's Friends & Family event? I would love to know! Have a great weekend! Happy Shopping! 


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  1. Hi - do you have to have an athleta credit card to be eligible for F&F discount? Is it ever available to everyone? Thank you and have a good weekend :)

    1. Good question, as long as you have a Banana Republic card, maybe Gap and Old Navy as well, you will get an invite to the event. I have a BR card and I always get the email for it. I think it is open to everyone at certain times of the year, during the holiday shopping season. This time it's only available to those with a credit card. Maybe they will open it up to the public at a later date? I'm a little unsure.

  2. Volcanic Violet is such a pretty color! It reminds me of Lululemon’s Black Currant which I absolutely love. The Triumph Hoodie looks nice on you but I wish it were a bit shorter. It does look very comfy.

    Why didn’t you get the Ritual Jacket? It looks cute, color is nice and the best part is, it’s on sale! I personally think it’s the best Sherpa jacket you’ve tried this winter.

    I’m loving the details of the Stay Fly Windbreaker. The sleeves, however, look so much puffier on you than on the model cos they are longer on you. The effect might be exaggerated in pink ...

    I love all your Athleta fit reviews!

    1. Well I have the Ritual Jacket in the pink- but kids version... but yeah it was really tempting. But I also wanted to get the Stay Fly Windbreaker so I had to decide. As for the sleeves you can customize the poofy-ness of it. I had them tied tighter but if you loosen it up it will look more like the model pic. We'll see in person and I'll let you know!

  3. I have a few of the Triumph hoodies, they are soft and warm but I also don’t like how the pockets puff up around the waist. I had recently purchased the Volcanic violet and ended up returning it, I felt like with the lighter color it accentuated the puff even more. It is a pretty color though.

    I like the Stay Fly windbreaker on you! Super cute. I have the matching pants in black and they are great to work out in but are gigantic.

    1. I looked at the matching pants in the store but they did look really big, I didn't bother trying them on. Even the petite looks to be too big for me.


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